Tetra Pro Energy 500ml



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TetraPro Energy is the premium food for any kind of ornamental fish that provides health and extra power. The new energy-crisps with concentrated nutrient content. High-value Omega-3 fatty acids give extra energy. Natural proteins are good for a strong muscular system. TetraPro Energy for extra energy and growth of your aquarium fish.

-produced by a uniquely gentle low-temperature treatment:
– thus essential nutrients are kept – the optimized protein-fat relation enables a better utilization of nutrients and guarantees an optimized exploitation of the food
– when fed regularly it helps to keep the water load low, reduce the nitrate concentration and improve the water quality.

Recommended feeding for TetraPro Energy:
Feed the fish several times a day with only as much food as the fish can consume within a few minutes.

Crude protein: 46 %
Crude fat: 12 %
Crude fibre: 3 %
Crude ash: 11 %
Water: 8 %



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