Set CO2 Aquario BLUE Professional (2l bottle)



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Set BLUE Professional is a complete system with CO2 solenoid valve, which is ready for użucia almost immediately after pulling out of the box.The heart of the kit is compact reducer designed for aquarium, equipped with an integrated solenoid valve, metal counter bubbles and precise valve.

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Aquario Reducer Professional is a high quality product, designed from the beginning to the end especially for the aquarium. It is characterized by an extraordinary precision dose of CO2, and the structure using proven solution. Reducer has built: bubble counter, precise valve, and the solenoid valve, the anti, the most important elements of a set of CO2. Two clocks show the key parameters of CO2 pressure inside the cylinder and pressure reducer. This makes it easy to predict the consumption of gas in the cylinder and read the pressure reduction level. Reducer is made of a metal alloy corresponding to the best technical requirements, while ensuring high durability and reliability of its components. The result is the 100% seal and high precision of gas dosage.

The solenoid valve connected to the timer / Computer pH will automatically ON / OFF administration of CO2. Dosage set so ensures a safe level of CO2 in water – especially at night, when the plants do not receive the same atoms and the pH drops.

Aquario Drop Checker (glass test solid Co2) to be placed in an aquarium and which continuously monitors the level of carbon dioxide in water and an appropriate signal is coloration.

Nano glass CO2 diffuser made from high quality laboratory glass, sintered ceramic. Through the use of a microporous sintered ceramic enables an efficient manner dissolving carbon dioxide in the aquarium water. Diffusers unlike other spray the gas on the market their entire surface, which results in a better dissolution of carbon dioxide in the water and smaller losses.

The box will also find a handy key by which easily dokręcimy reducer to CO2 cylinder.

The total height of the set: 50cm

in the box with a set among:


In the box with the set you will find:
1. Co2 BLUE Aquario reducer with solenoid valve
2. Co2 diffuser
3. Drop Checker
4. Hose (3m)
5. Co2 cylinder
6. The wrench to screw the reducer
7. Instructions for assembly and first start-up PL, CZ, EN, DE, ES, RU



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