SunSun HW-303b – external filter with UV up to 400l


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SunSun HW is a popular outdoor filter model with a UV lamp with an extremely roomy and reliable design. The well-thought-out construction allows for operation of aquariums up to 400l and provides incredible ease of use.
Producer SunSun has many “followers” who too willingly reproduce this model of inferior quality. The model’s reliability is guaranteed by high quality materials and original workmanship

More information
HW series filters have been created with the largest capacity in mind, guaranteeing the best filtration, while simplifying the operation and operation of the filter, ensuring trouble-free operation. The filter has a UV-C lamp responsible for the sterilization of water.

The best-class materials were used for the construction. The body, cover and other plastic elements are made of ABS plastic, which is an amorphous material with a high density. It is characterized by high resistance to cracks and mechanical damage. The gaskets are made of rubber with the right amount of polyolefin chains, which are responsible for adequate flexibility and durability. Materials and original forms of castings guarantee the reliability of the filter to which it was created. Manufacturers – “followers” of filters of the same construction, of which there are many on the market, can envy the performance, quality and class of the SunSun product.

The double sealing system completes the leakproofness. The system is based on two pairs of clamps with a different method of closing. One of the pairs provides pressure on the lever principle, guaranteeing tightness of closing. A pair of these buckles also makes it easier to open the filter cover. The second pair of clamps ensures durability of closing, even when lifting the full filter by holding the lid. These clasps are closed by a latch method.

The filter has an “aqua-stop” system blocking the water supply from the hose filter. This valve makes it possible to disconnect the hoses from the filter cover. It is necessary during all care work.

A pump with a high operating culture ensures noiseless operation. The pump is based on a ceramic rotor that allows work in seawater. It is closed in a tight and large filter cover, which additionally suppresses the pump’s operation, and rubber feet suppress all vibrations.

Another advantage of HW series filters is undoubtedly the double water inlet. The inlet takes place using two tubes of various applications. The bottom tube draws water in the nearest possible bottom area. The length of this tube can be freely modified by means of additional tube segments. In this way, the filter draws in sludge on the bottom, which is a frequent cause of silting the bottom and deterioration of water quality. The lower inlet has a strainer to prevent fish, shrimps, plants and other large elements from entering the filter.
The second inlet is partly above the surface of the water – colloquially it is called the surface skimmer. It takes water directly from its panes, removing any floating debris and protein that is visible to the human eye as a fat spot. This extremely unsightly coating is highly dangerous to health and water quality, so a filter that neutralizes it ensures the best and complete quality of water filtration.

Water outlet, thanks to a large number of pipes and fittings, can also be freely modified. It takes place using a sprinkler that perfectly aerates water, effectively replacing popular aerators.

The filter is originally equipped with various filtration media.
Biological filtration is provided by bio-ceramics with different porosity and bioballs. Ceramics and bioballs are the habitat of bacteria reducing NH3, NH4 and NO2 concentrations in the aquarium, at the same time affecting the health of fish and providing a natural nutrient for plants.

Chemical filtration is ensured by activated carbon that perfectly bonds metals and their compounds to humic pesticides and metabolic products. It is a cartridge clarifying water and reducing the unpleasant smell of water. It improves water quality including biological filtration.

Mechanical filtration is provided by a sponge with appropriate gradation. Removes all impurities from the water, clarifying water from any dust, plant debris or small floating parts of the ground.

Baskets for filter media can accommodate any filter cartridge depending on the needs of the tank.

A strong UV-C lamp is responsible for the sterilization of water. It has a wide spectrum of activities, which is responsible for maintaining water in excellent quality. Extremely effectively kills any spores of algae and bacteria responsible for the formation of cyanobacteria or diseases. The lamp has a switch, which allows you to adjust the degree of sterilization of water relative to the needs of the tank. Regular use of the lamp effectively protects the tank against unpleasant surprises. The lamp housing has a small visor that informs the user about the lamp operation.

Technical data:
– efficiency: 1400l / h
– recommended for tanks with a capacity of 200 to 400l
– power: 35W
– UV lamp power: 9W
– external dimensions: 258x258x430mm
– weight: 5kg
– length of the power cable: 1.8 m
– maximum lifting of water: 2m


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