Aquael Leddy 10W Tube Plant 53-66CM



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  • NEW – LEDDY TUBE PLANT 2.0 10W modules
    Successor to LEDDY TUBE RetroFit Plant 10W lamps. 

    Lamps in this version do not have adapters for T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps or mounting brackets. You can buy them separately. Check in the RELATED PRODUCTS tab.

    Characteristics of LEDDY TUBE PLANT 2.0 led modules
    LEDDY TUBE PLANT 2.0 LED modules / tubes are modern LED lighting, which is an ideal replacement for linear T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps used until recently as a standard light in lighting covers.

    Thanks to the red and blue LEDs, these lamps are ideal for aquariums with plants with moderate light requirements.

    The presented model with a total power of 10W is equipped with modern LEDs of white, red and blue color. The LEDs are placed on a flat aluminum profile, in a round, transparent glass “tube”, which is also the lampshade, transmitting almost 100% of light.
    The ends of the glass tube have been specially sealed, and on one side the lamp is equipped with a power cord with a switch and a plug.
    LEDDY TUBE PLANT 2.0 modules are manufactured in Poland.

    Product description:
    LED diodes with a total power of 10W

    with adapters adjustable in length in the range of 535 -665 mm.
    electricity savings of approx. 50% compared to traditional fluorescent lamps
    luminous efficiency comparable to linear fluorescent lamps
    high tightness allows the safe use of LEDDY TUBE PLANT 2.0 lamps in aquariums
    high durability – declared by the Manufacturer
    very simple assembly – instructions in Polish included
    module equipped with a power cord with a switch and a plug
    no T5 / T8 adapters and handles included – they must be purchased separately



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