Pleco L168

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Butterfly Plecostomus (L168) is one of the smaller species of pleco with a striking pattern. It has the unique ability to camouflage based on their surroundings. When placed on a light colored substrate, they will display a bright pattern. When placed on a dark colored substrate or low light environment, they will display a much darker pattern. In fact, when the butterfly pleco was first discovered in the wild, they were discovered at night when they were displaying a darker pattern. When the fish changed its color later on, the people that caught the fish were confused since it looked like a different fish.

Common Name(s) Butterfly Pleco, Chameleon Pleco, L168
Scientific Name Dekeyseria brachyuran, Ancistrus brachyurus, Peckoltia pulcher
Origin South America
Temperature Range 77-82°F
Water Parameters pH 5.6-7
Adult Size 6 inches
Diet Primarily herbivorous


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