Mironekuton – Natural Deep Sea Mineral – super powder – 10 g



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Mironekuton super powder is a powdered form of the Japanese mineral Mironekuton. Mironekuton super powder was made in a special process of multiple grinding and sieving. Our assumption in the production and preparation of such a form of Mironekuton super powder was to achieve very fine dust as much as possible. This form of finely ground Mironekuton super powder enables the maximum release of valuable minerals and trace elements in the water. Mironekuton super powder is the only so finely fragmented form of Mironekuron on the market. This Japanese mineral in the form of dust works much more intensively than Mironekuton in the form of a rock, which gradually and slowly releases its minerals in the water.

Mironekuton super powder thanks to the content of natural minerals and trace elements:

– Effectively affects the biology, as it contributes to the development of microbiology in aquariums, i.e. beneficial bacteria and accompanying flora. It is especially recommended when setting up new tanks.

– In mature tanks, it absorbs pollutants, thus improving the clarity and quality of water.

– It has a positive effect on flora and fauna in the aquarium.

Mironekuton super powder is available in glass containers of 30g and 60g. Our company, Qualdrop, used dark packaging that guarantees the best protection of the product.

Directions for use:

The best option is to use Mironekuton super powder regularly, every 3-4 days, one flat teaspoon per 20 liters of water (1 flat teaspoon = 0.8 g).
When fitting a new tank, use Mironekuton super powder between the layers of the substrate.
It is recommended to use Mironekuton super powder with each water change, one flat teaspoon per 20 liters of water.


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