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TRACE ONE Shrimp is a complex, highly concentrated preparation intended for ornamental bee-type shrimps. It contains over 23 microelements and many trace elements of natural origin. Some key micronutrients and trace elements, which are a component of many hormones and cellular enzymes and are actively involved in countless biochemical changes, are rapidly subjected to oxidation-reduction reactions, sorption processes, among others. in the substrate and filter media and are used by plants, which reduces their concentration and thus availability. TRACE ONE Shrimp replenishes them and delivers them to the water, contributing to the proper development, coloration, reproduction and survival of the shrimp. TRACE ONE Shrimp does not increase the overall hardness GH and carbonate hardness KH. It does not contain phosphates or nitrates. It has a slight influence on the specific conductivity. A dose of 1 ml per 10 l of water increases the conductivity by approx. 2 µS.

The dosing system used is very flexible and enables precise dosing of TRACE ONE Shrimp for both large and small aquariums. You can accurately dispense e.g. 0.5 ml as well as 3 ml or 25 ml. TRACE ONE Shrimp is available in packages with a capacity of 125 ml and 500 ml.


Typical dosage: 1 ml per 10 liters of water for each change. Then, once a week, 0.5 – 1 ml per 20 liters of aquarium water. In the case of dosing directly into the aquarium, the dose of the product should be diluted with approx. 250 ml of aquarium water before administration. It is not recommended to mix and use simultaneously with other preparations of this type. It is recommended to use TRACE ONE Shrimp with the GH + ONE Shrimp mineralizer.

Attention. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the dispenser / dispensers. Use them for one preparation only. Do not rinse the dispenser or immerse it in water containing bacterial flora. Do not use the dispensers at the same time for dispensing bacterial preparations, then the entire solution in the bottle may be contaminated. After use, it is best to rinse the dispensers thoroughly with RO water.


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