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New two-outlet model of the “Clear 2” UV sterilizer. It is characterized by new technical solutions and a large and efficient 36W filament power. It is designed for continuous operation 24/7. It can be used “outdoors”, i.e. outside any roof. The set includes a set of connectors of various diameters.

The best design of 2020!
The lamp has a number of amenities and solutions that are not available in similar competitive products. The whole thing has been patented by SunSun and tested by independent opinion leaders.

Dual water outlet:
The lamp can be connected to two water outlets. What for? You can direct the water stream towards a cascade, fountain or other water decoration elements and at the same time to the filter. Either create a fountain and a waterfall or connect a separate mechanical and biological filter. The number of possibilities that the lamp gives you is large.
What if you don’t want to use two outlets? No trouble! The set of connectors includes a cap.
You won’t find such advantages anywhere else. And that’s not over yet.

Flow regulation in water outlets:
Another unique advantage: regulation of water flow at each outlet separately. From now on, you can freely set the amount of water supplied at each outlet. Precisely and freely determine the water flow to the fountain, cascade or filter.

Inner screw:
The large screw forces the water to rotate. Basically, it causes water to literally flow around the UV-C lamp. Extending the water path inside the lamp increases sterilization efficiency.

Waterproof on all sides:
The lamp is free of any materials that could rust inside. It is made entirely of glass, plastic and rubber and silicone gaskets. Therefore, the lamp can work continuously for many years in a pond or even in a marine aquarium.

Additionally, the lamp has a dust and water tightness class of IP44. This means she can work outdoors without having to cover it from the rain.

Filament for standard pins:
The filament has a standard spacing and pin arrangement defined as 2G11. We can easily find suitable filaments or substitutes in various offers online.

Technical data and parameters:
– total power consumption: 40W
– UV lamp power: 36W
– recommended flow: 6000l/h
– minimum flow 1000l/h
– maximum flow: 12000l/h
– dedicated to a pond 45000l / 45m3
– power cable length: 5 meters
– maximum water pressure 0.3Bar
– filament life: 8000h
– pins / filament connection: standard 2G11
– dimensions: 50x20x16cm
– hose connectors with internal diameter: 20mm x 25mm x 30mm x 35mm


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