SunSun Jet Filter 80 – sponge filter with a 350l/h pump


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Internal filter, ensuring excellent filtration and aeration of water in any aquarium up to 80 liters in capacity. It is easy to use and care. It has a number of solutions that expand its installation and water filtration capabilities. Dedicated not only to beginners.

Double sponge – twice better:
It’s not easy to miss this. The principle is simple: a double sponge means double filtration. It is worth noting that at this price we will usually get a filter with one sponge and similar efficiency.

Water pump:
The filter is powered by a water pump (included) with a capacity of 350l/h. this is a great convenience for every user. Additionally, the pump is energy-saving 3W – only PLN 1.2 per month!

Arrange as you like:
The filter has considerable adaptability. The sponges can be arranged in any direction. This gives you a lot of possibilities because you can take water from anywhere in the aquarium and, importantly, you can create proper water circulation in the aquarium. But it is not everything!

Vary the length of the outlet tube:
The outlet pipe is telescopic, so you can change its length accordingly. You can also change the outlet direction by 360 degrees. What does this give you? Place the outlet just above the water surface and it will be well aerated. Change the direction of the water outlet and you will force circulation.

You are purchasing a full set:
You will find all the components in the original product packaging. A set of pipes, connectors, elbows, two sponges and a water pump.

Technical data:
– manufacturer: SUNSUN
– manufacturer’s code: JF-80
– trade name: Jet Filter 80

– power consumption: 3W
– capacity: 350l/h
– dedicated to aquariums from 20 to 80 liters

– minimum height: 22cm
– maximum height: 36cm
– width: 15cm
– minimum length: 5cm
– maximum length: 14cm


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