SunSun ADS Marine 60W – LED lamp 78 – 100cm



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SunSun ADS Marine:
The ADS lighting fixture combines all the features important for every aquarist. Modern, elegant appearance, small size, excellent lighting parameters and low price. It can successfully operate a marine tank, replacing outdated fluorescent lamps. The low price and a large amount of appropriate light make this product extremely competitive with other LED marine lamps, where their price is usually excessive.

LED colors and light power:
The lamp is equipped with a complete mix of colors used in marine aquariums. Among them we find cold white light, blue, deep blue and purple-pink shade.

High-Power-Led diodes were used to produce the lamp. These diodes have high efficiency with low current consumption.
The lighting angle is 120 degrees, which allows you to illuminate a large area of ​​the aquarium surface with one device.

Elegant, fashionable and modern casing:
The design of the ADS series lamps is designed with aesthetic appearance in mind, combining weight reduction and an unobtrusive size of the lamp while maintaining its functionality and lighting power. Thanks to these assumptions, it was possible to create a super flat lamp (12 mm) with incredible light power in various colors, and additionally with an extremely aesthetic housing.

The light and flat housing of the luminaire is made of a durable aluminum alloy, and the special design of the profile enables efficient heat dissipation, which extends the life of the LEDs.

Glass edge feet:
Adjustable sliding legs ensure perfect and durable installation of SunSun fixtures on any aquarium.
The legs are finished with acrylic holders for glass with a maximum thickness of 12 mm. The handles, in turn, are mounted with screws, ensuring the durability of the installation.

Technical data:
– power 60W
– color temperature: (Cool White 12000K, Blue 18500, Actinic Blue 20000K, Pink 14500K)
– lamp dimensions 70 x 10 x 2 cm
– for aquariums with dimensions from 78 to 100 cm
– allowable glass thickness from 0 to 12mm


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