SunSun ADP Nano LED – LED lamp for aquarium 18-22cm adp-080J


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Sunsun ADP is a micro-sized LED lamp dedicated to an aquarium with a length of various ranges depends on Tank size. See Table Below:

The lamps are characterized by sensational energy efficiency and excellent light output, for which the High Brightness LED diodes are responsible . The ratio of illuminance to power consumption is 9000 lx / W, where even the best competition producing lamps for nano tanks is about 3000lx / W.

The ADP (Aquatic Domination Power) series lamps are another milestone in the LED lamp production technology. The use of improved HBLED diodes places the lamp high above the products of well-known and respected brands.

Power Smart LED Sunsun micro lamp:

Can be used in a plant aquarium of a small size. Its advantages include micro size, energy efficiency, high lighting power, great aesthetics and a very economical price. The lamp is dedicated to all those who appreciate brand reliability and freshwater aquariums rich in plants.

Sunsun ADP light power compared to the closest competition Aquael Leddy Smart 2 Sunny:

The ADP lamp with a 2W consumption generates an illuminance of 18000lx, approximately the same amount of light is generated by the more expensive Aquael lamp with a higher power consumption, i.e. 6W.

ADP lamp assembly method:

The lamp is mounted on the edge of the aquarium using the legs that are part of the kit. The stands allow mounting on a glass with a thickness of 2 to 12 mm and allow mounting on aquariums of various widths. The NANO version has one support for the edge of the glass.

Color temperature emitted by ADP:

White LEDs generate a color with a temperature from 6300K to 7500K. This light perfectly affects the photosynthesis of plants, supporting their healthy and lush growth. In addition, the lamp is equipped with blue LEDs that give vivid colors to plants and color fish.

Size Lamp Power Fit for aquarium size Fit for glass thickness
ADP-080J L/80×W/42×H/7mm 1.5W 180-220mm ≤12mm
ADP-160J L/130×W/42×H/7mm 2W 230-270mm ≤12mm
ADP-200J L/180×W/42×H/7mm 2.5W 280-320mm ≤12mm
ADP-250J L/250×W/42×H/7mm 3.5W 350-390mm ≤12mm
ADP-300J L/300×W/42×xH/7mm 4.5W 400-440mm ≤12mm
ADP-400J L/400×xW/42×H/7mm 6.5W 500-540mm ≤12mm
ADP-500J L/500×W/42×H/7mm 8W 600-640mm ≤12mm


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