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Flourish Iron is a highly concentrated (10,000 mg/l) preparation containing ferrous ions (Fe2+) in the form of gluconate. It is recommended for use in cases where the need for iron exceeds the amounts that can be supplied by Flourish, or where there is a severe iron deficiency in the reservoir (which manifests itself, among other things, in yellowing of leaf tissue, shortening or excessive elongation of shoots). The product does not contain phosphates or nitrates.

The iron contained in Flourish Iron, in the form of ferrous gluconate, provides this element in a form that is more easily absorbed by plants than compounds with edetate (EDTA) combined with ferric ion (Fe3+). Since plants use divalent ions, the conversion of Fe3+ ions into an available form for them requires the consumption of additional energy.

Directions for use:

one capful (5 ml) for every 200 litres of water in the tank to maintain the iron content at 0.1 mg/l
smaller doses: each notch of thread inside the cap corresponds to a volume of 1 ml
for checking the concentration of iron, it is recommended to use the Multi Test: Iron
to be administered when symptoms of iron deficiency (usually in young shoots) appear, such as yellowing (chlorosis) of the leaf tissue between the veins, shortening or excessive stretching of the shoots


iron (Fe) 1.0%


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