RO3 aquarium filter 75GPD + demi


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The simplest 4-stage aquarium osmosis ready to install. Filter designed for marine and freshwater aquariums. A modern system that guarantees clean, soft water, free of nitrates and nitrites, chlorine and many other impurities.

The highest quality reverse osmosis filter for the purification of tap water. The filter was developed for use in aquariums and more. Our reverse osmosis filters are also used in households and laboratories – in other words, wherever clean water is needed. The filter guarantees clean, soft water, free from nitrates and nitrites, chlorine and many other impurities.

The set includes all the elements needed to install the filter. Just remove the filter from the packaging and connect according to the instructions, the entire assembly is extremely simple and takes about 15 minutes.

Using the filter, it is possible to remove organic and inorganic substances dissolved in tap water with an efficiency of 95-98%. The purification takes place without the addition of any chemical reagents. The use of the filter prevents “overfertilization” of the aquarium water with compounds contained in the tap water, which may cause the growth of diatoms and algae.
The filter prevents pesticide residues and other toxic substances from entering the aquarium with fresh water.

Precisely made:
All connections used in the filter are made on the original quick-couplers, with additional protection with locking pins, thanks to which the probability of their disconnection is minimized. Linear inserts also have outputs adapted to work with quick couplers. When replacing the cartridges, it is not necessary to disassemble the connectors (as is the case with the cheapest Chinese filters), but only to unplug them.

The reverse osmosis filter is a compact and highly efficient device.

Filter Applications:
– in marine aquariums
– in freshwater aquariums
– in the household
– in laboratories and industry

Set contains:
– WPL2 sedimentation pre-filter
– WWL2 carbon pre-filter
– Reverse osmosis module (with a high-quality membrane with a daily capacity of 75GPD)
– Flow limiter / Restrictor
– 2x filter mounting bracket
– Sewer clamp
– Brass valve for the water connection
– A hose to connect the filter – 3m
– Key to unscrew the RO diaphragm casing
– Detailed instruction manual in Polish


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