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Reef flare Pro
SMART and the most powerful lightThe most powerful Smart LED light
in the marketAdvanced optics deliver a blended
spectrum & maximum coverage
Smart Reef controlled from anywhere
in the world
Low profile, sleek design
High PAR/PUR Coefficient
Ultra-efficient cooling systemReef flare Pro L 240WReef flare Pro M 160WReef flare Pro S 80W

Reef flare Pro has been developed from the ground up
with two major objectives: Low profile and lightweight
in design and the most powerful, efficient marine LED
light fixture on the market. The new Reef flare Pro
generates PAR up to 150% higher than the previous
model and 40% higher than the competition. The
new light spectrum has been developed to bring out
a vast array of colours in your corals and due to the
power output, you will be able to view your corals
with greater clarity. The most technically advanced
LED light on the market, controlled from the enhanced
Smart Reef app has one of the slimmest

The Reef flare Pro LED light has been on the market for a few months and is becoming more and more popular. Users accustomed to other brands have begun to change over to Reef flare Pro. The light works efficiently and delivers a large amount of PAR with maximum coverage of the aquarium.
to our customers’ feedback, after using our new light fixture the consumption of the minerals in the aquarium increases very quickly. It is thanks to the effective light spectrum, PAR/PUR ratio which accelerates the rate of metabolism of the corals.

A reminder what distinguishes the Reef flare Pro from others:

  • The most powerful PAR on the market dressed with smart technology
  • Advanced EOI optics provides excellent light dispersion
  • Maximum spread and effective coverage of the aquarium surface
  • Quiet and ultra efficient cooling system
  • Low profile – only 28 mm high
  • Simple set-up and easy to use interface
  • Controlled from anywhere in the world with the Smart Reef app
  • Excellent power-to-price ratio
Now aquarists can choose from two of the best spectrum types in the market: FULL SPECTRUM & BLUE versions, depending on which best suits the needs of the aquarium. The Reef flare Pro range provides the full spectrum of colours. Reef flare Pro Full Spectrum includes a more natural daylight (whiter) appearance with greater PAR, whilst the Reef flare Pro Blue version displays a more blue appearance and contains more Indigo and Violet LEDs. Reef Factory Reef flare Blue is a twin design to the Full Spectrum version. The appearance of the light is the same, however the LED configuration has been modfified for a more dominant blue spectrum.
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Reef flare Pro & Reef flare Pro Blue in action!

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