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Reef Factory NO3+ 1000 ml level should be adjusted according to the aquarium population

The chemical composition of NO3 Up Reef Minerals is designed to replenish nitrate deficiencies and sudden drops in seawater. Its use is safe and allows for a quick and effective increase in nitrate levels in the marine aquarium to its optimal value.

Key features:

  • Nitrates are the final product of the nitrogen cycle that occurs continuously in the marine aquarium. The NO3 level should be adjusted according to the tank’s population, as it is involved in the metabolic processes of marine animals.
  • Prevents the proliferation of dinoflagellates and cyanobacteria.

Dosage: Adding 10 ml of NO3 Up Reef Minerals increases the nitrate (NO3) level by 5 mg/L (ppm) in a 100 L marine aquarium.

Recommend nitrate level in aquarium water is 0,06-0,15 mg/L.

The maximum safe daily dosage is 1ml per 100 L of water.


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