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The filter is intended for complete filtration of small tanks. Powered by an aerator, it has a sponge pre-filter and containers for biological input.
It can also be used as an internal prefilter installed on the inlet pipe.

Filter dedicated to shrimp tanks and other nano-tanks. It is powered by an aerator, so there is no need to connect another power-consuming pump, which only generates costs and most often causes too much water movement in the tank. The bubbles from the aerator cause appropriate movement of water in the filter and additionally aerate it.

The filter has preliminary mechanical filtration in the form of a large, dense sponge. A special bio-chemical material was used to produce the sponge, ensuring excellent mechanical and chemical filtration.
The next stage of filtration may be biological filtration using e.g. ceramics. The filter has specially designed containers that allow the adaptation of any bio- or chemical cartridge.

The filter has an adjustable outlet length, mounting suction cups and an aerator hose holder.
The whole thing is made of environmentally friendly artificial materials used in the food industry.

The Qanvee filter will also work perfectly as a pre-filter placed on the filter inlet hose. This application reduces the frequency of periodic inspections of contamination and has a positive effect on mechanical and biological filtration without significantly reducing the flow.

Filter dimensions: 14 x 6,5 x 20cm (width x length x height)

To connect:
Aerator, hose dimensions: 6/4mm
External filter, hose dimensions: 12/16 and 16/22

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