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Aqua Nova NPF-20 with integrated UV-C lamp 9W

Pressure Filter for Pond, Pond

The pressure filter with UV lamp 11W is an excellent filter set for the garden pond. It is already fully equipped with filter cartridges, and the correct selection and arrangement of these cartridges ensures proper filtration of the pond. The filter uses multi-stage mechanical and biological filtration.

Mechanical cartridges – coarse-grained bio-sponge and fine-grained bio-sponge, which ensure excellent and very thorough purification of the water from all mechanical impurities. Bio-balls are biological cartridges. Biological filtration is the heart of the entire filtration system. The decomposition of all biological pollutants takes place, such as the decomposition of food residues, dead plant remains, etc. . Biological cartridges have a very large active (filter) surface area. The bio-sponges and bio-balls are an excellent substrate for beneficial nitrifying bacteria, which clean the water of toxic nitrogen compounds (they process toxic NH4 and NO3).

In addition, the UV-C lamp destroys algae in the water, combats bacteria and parasites that are dangerous to fish and plants, and eliminates the causes of most diseases – this results in crystal-clear water in all garden ponds up to 8,000 litres. The UV-C lamp is also effective against bacteria, parasites and protozoa.


– The filter can be partially buried , making it invisible in your garden.

– Unlike normal filters, the water from a pressure filter can flow out (be raised), e.g. onto a cascade.

– The unit combines biological and mechanical filtration and eliminates algae thanks to the built-in UV lamp. Crystal-clear water effect.

– It has an indicator that shows when the filter needs to be cleaned.

– The simple opening system of the filter cover makes maintenance and cleaning easy.

– UV lamp operation indicator.

– The three-stage filtration process ensures maximum filtering quality.

– The unit is designed to be able to maintain a beautiful pond environment.

Technical data NPF-20

Capacity 20L

Built-in 9W UV lamp

Recommended size: for a pond of max. 8000L

Dimensions: (diameter x height) 370x525mm

Inputs: 20, 25, 32, 40mm

Power cable length: 6,5m

Mounting method: Outside the tank


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