N GREEN – 125ml nitrogen fertilizer for aquatic plants



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N GREEN ONE is a special composition of various forms of nitrogen, easily absorbed by plants, recommended for mature tanks (for immature, newly established tanks, we recommend DuraN nitrogen). Ensures healthy and intensive plant growth. Nitrogen is a key component of nucleic acids, amino acids and chlorophyll. Lack of nitrogen usually leads to stunted plant growth and algae problems. N GREEN ONE does not contain potassium and phosphorus.
1 ml of N GREEN ONE added to 10 liters corresponds to the equivalent concentration of 10 mg NO3 per liter (1 ml added to 100 l of water corresponds to the equivalent concentration of 1 mg NO3). However, immediately after dispensing a dose of N GREEN ONE, the concentration of nitrate ions is not detectable by common aquarium tests. The increase in the concentration of detectable NO3 nitrate ions is visible after 2-3 days.


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