Microbe-Lift Phos-Out 4


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Microbe-lift Phos-Out4 is a filter material in the form of granules that removes phosphates, silicates, sulphates and tannins from water. It quickly, permanently and safely removes unwanted ingredients from the water, resulting in a significant improvement in water parameters. Microbe-lift Phos-Out4 is effective especially in the removal of phosphates (PO4) without causing serious fluctuations in the water pH (pH).

Microbe-lift Phos-Out4 quickly supports the growth of animals in the event of problems with phosphate or the development of unwanted algae, it is a product based on iron hydroxide.

50 ml per 100l of aquarium water

– start using the product at the recommended doses, in case of further problems with phosphates, gradually increase the dose
– before use, rinse under running tap water
– the optimal phosphate concentration in a marine aquarium should be between 0.02 and 0.05 mg / l
– we recommend placing the product in places with a strong water flow, e.g. external or internal filters, sumps or flow filters
– we recommend regular use of Microbe-lift Substrate Cleaner to remove excess phosphate from the aquarium (when using, remove Phos-Out4 from the water until the transparency returns)


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