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Microbe-lift Herbtana UNI 236ml – 100% natural drug against parasites

A universal version of the preparation for use in freshwater and marine aquariums.

The preparation provides a 100% natural treatment free from aggressive chemicals, supporting the immune system of fish against a wide range of diseases caused by parasites. Due to the fact that the preparation is based on organic ingredients, it is very effective and is intended for every species of fish, even the demanding and young.

Microbe-lift Herbtana is a unique and patented product based on natural herbs that are the basis of its composition. The preparation does not destroy beneficial bacteria and does not destabilize the aquarium environment. After its use, there is no need to change the water and filter it through activated carbon.

Parasites, in small numbers, are usually present on most fish. Their number is naturally controlled by the fish’s immune system. When stress levels increase, the immune system’s capacity to decline. This creates the risk of a significant increase in the number of parasites, which poses a threat to health and life. Microbe-lift Herbtana supports the fish’s immune system by naturally combating excess parasites. They cannot return to their host while under medical treatment. This usually causes the death of the parasite that has lost access to its host.

Microbe-lift Herbtana is also an effective stimulant and accelerates the regeneration of the immune system and damaged tissues of fish after a disease. The herbs contained in the preparation minimize the risk of repeated infections and ensure quick wound healing without the risk of disfiguring scars.


Shake well before use. Turn off the UV lamp, remove the activated carbon and / or zeolite from the filter, turn off the skimmer and ozonator. Apply as soon as the first symptoms of the disease appear.

1. Standard treatment:

Add 1ml for every 20l of aquarium water every day for 10 days. In the case of advanced disease, repeat the treatment until you notice positive changes in the appearance and behavior of the fish.

2. Treatment when introducing new fish or quarantine: use standard doses of Microbe-lift Artemiss and Herbtan preparations, dosing them alternately every 12 hours for 2 days.

WARNING! Do not use in conjunction with other medications. Do not use simultaneously with anti-algae and copper-based agents.


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