Maintenance Water Quality Kit 60-100L



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Looking for a convenient and comprehensive solution to maintain a healthy aquarium? Look no further than our water quality kit! Each kit includes three essential products to help you care for your aquatic pets.

Our dechlorinator effectively eliminates harmful chlorine and heavy metals, while also protecting fish from the harmful effects of the nitrogen cycle. By reducing the need for frequent water changes, our product ensures better water quality and nitrification, while also preventing the build-up of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.

Our Filter Activator is the perfect complement to our dechlorinator, with live balanced bacteria that instantly create a healthy aquatic environment. With instant and long-lasting results, this product increases water quality and clarity, reduces the “running in” period, and prevents waste and sludge build-up.

And finally, our Fish Care solution is a blend of beneficial macro minerals and water-soluble plant oils that boost immunity, promote a healthy slime coat, and prevent parasitic and fungal diseases. Additionally, it can help heal open wounds and cysts while brightening natural skin colours.

Invest in our water quality kit today and take the first step towards a thriving aquarium! With our high-quality products, you’ll enjoy a convenient and hassle-free aquarium maintenance routine that will keep your aquatic pets healthy and happy


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