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Water analysis and diagnostics via smartphone: Simple and safe monitoring of fresh water parameters. Determined parameters: total hardness, carbonate hardness, pH value, nitrites, nitrates, chlorine and carbon dioxide content
The new generation of water analysis: Download the ProScan-App for free, dip the test strips in water, place them on the color chart for analysis, scan the color chart, the results are ready
Fast diagnostics – accurate results: The test values ​​are displayed as numbers and are additionally analyzed (good, average, bad). Additional optimization message for freshwater aquariums and pond

Water analysis using a smartphone – a new generation

Note: The test strip is only suitable for one measurement at a time. Rescanning the strip leads to different values ​​as the strip continues to respond.

How accurate is the measurement method?
Smartphones perform an automatic white balance, the color reading is more accurate than if we compared the colors with our eyes! If the test is performed correctly, the result is absolutely reliable. For nitrite results, the additional measurement with the drop test (JBL PROAQUATEST NO2 Nitrit) has proven successful if the JBL ProScan result is NOT 0, because this value must be 100% (nitrite is lethal to fish from 0.4 mg / l) .

Possible errors during execution:
When removing the test strip from the water, do not shake it vertically as the wet colors will mix with the other color fields. Shake the water HORIZONTAL and carefully. Without shaking, the droplets in the color fields reflect the light too much and the results are too inaccurate. Ideally, use daylight when photographing the test strip on the color chart. But it is even more important that the incident light should be even and not create part of the shadow and part of the sun. Then the colors on the card would be lit differently.


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