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  • Provide your goldfish and goldfish breeds with a food store for up to (3x) 6 days
  • Use: add food block to the aquarium. It sinks to the bottom and (1 block) provides food for about 1-3 fish of 8-20 cm size for 4-6 days
  • The block consists of a calcium compound that adds some general hardness to the water when dissolved. It dissolves slowly as the fish intake the food
  • Natural raw ingredients without artificial additives for a natural diet and healthy aquarium fish. Tested on JBL research expeditions in the tropics
  • Package contents: 3 food blocks. 1 block supplies 1-3 goldfish from 8-20 cm with food for 4-6 days
  • Aquariums contain the easiest pets for owners to care for during a weekend or holiday trip! With goldfish especially it’s absolutely no problem.
    For a weekend or longer holiday, the aquarium owners have a choice: either feed JBL PRONOVO HOLIDAY RED or use an automatic feeder (JBL AUTOFOOD), which is filled with their preferred food granulate.Most aquarium fish, excluding juveniles, would even go without food for a day or two – just like in the wild. But then many aquarium owners get a guilty conscience and that’s why JBL PRONOVO HOLIDAY RED is also available for a short absence.

    The food blocks in JBL PRONOVO HOLIDAY RED are made of a natural calcium compound which slowly dissolves when the fish “nibble” on it. The calcium is even positive for many aquariums as it adds some calcium to the water (general hardness/GH).

    Be careful when you ask neighbours to feed your fish! Most people mean well but massively overfeed! Large amounts of food then lie uneaten on the aquarium floor and spoil. This leads to serious problems with oxygen levels and toxic nitrite, which then builds up. A holiday feeder or an automatic feeder (or aquarists as neighbours) are better!


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