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  • Complete nutrition and optimal growth with medium-sized food granulate for axolotls and newts as well as clawed frogs from 8-20 cm
  • Best of all: mirrors their natural diet with fish meat of freshwater fish (very unusual!), amphipods and shrimps. Fish oil acts as an energy supplier for strengthening
  • The selected ingredients ensure better digestion and thus less water pollution (= less algae)
  • Prebiotic & sinking axolotl food: dedicated dietary fibres in the food supply the beneficial intestinal bacteria with food for healthy digestion
  • Package contents: original sealed, air- and light-tight, recyclable tin with dosing aid in the lid
  • Axolotl are amphibians, like newts and frogs. Unlike other amphibians they remain in their larval stage with external feathery gills their whole life. Axolotl originally come from a lake in Mexico which is situated high up and has therefore low temperatures at about 20 °C. Nowadays Mexico City has expanded so much that the lake is located within the city and can hardly sustain wildlife due to rubbish tipping and other contamination. As a result axolotl is considered extinct in its original habitat.

    Axolotls find their food olfactorily, i.e. through their sense of smell and with the help of mechanoreceptors which, like the lateral line organ of fish, perceive flow and vibration stimuli. Live food and “interesting” smelling food such as JBL PRONOVO LOTL is therefore ideal for a species-appropriate diet. In nature they lie in wait for their prey and eat crustaceans, insect larvae, small fish and even small specimens of their own species. The food composition of JBL PRONOVO LOTL takes their food spectrum into account and includes fish meat (trout), shrimps and gammarus. JBL

    PRONOVO food is prebiotic
    Scientists are agreed that prebiotic food promotes digestion and thus health. In the case of axolotls, there is another essential aspect: with better digestion, less is excreted and the water is thus less polluted, causing fewer algae problems and keeping the water cleaner. This aspect is not unimportant, especially for strong feed converters like axolotls.

    Ahead through research
    The results of JBL research expeditions, together with the knowledge of the JBL research and development team, have produced optimal, balanced food mixtures made from high-quality ingredients.


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