JBL Biotopol 500ML refill pack 500+125ml



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Nature at home – home for fish and plants.

Fish and invertebrates should feel as at home in the aquarium as in nature. Treat the aquarium water in a biotope appropriate manner and protect the inhabitants of the aquarium tanks.

Clean aquarium water – optimum water quality.

For new installations, partial water changes and after use of therapeutic products. Tap water contains heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead. To make the tap water suitable for fish, no heavy metals, chlorine or chloramine may be present. These are neutralised with special water treatment systems and the aquarium water then becomes suitable for fish. Furthermore, Biotopol protects the mucous membranes, gills, skin and fins with its aloe vera. Aloe vera protects against stress, protects the fish’s mucous membranes perceptibly and reduces the risk of illness through its vitamin B complex, chelators encase heavy metals, and aggressive substances are removed at the next partial water change.

Conversion of chlorine into harmless chloride, dangerous chlorine and chloramine are neutralised


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