ISTA 2 in 1 CO2 Diffuser M



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ISTA 2 in 1 CO2 Diffuser M

  • 2 functions in 1 product
  • Ceramic diffuser assures the best diffusing effect.
  • Clear bubble reading provides accurate CO2 dosing.
  • Made with acrylic assures long usage time.
  • Compact size, easy assembling.

Features :

  • Top quality ceramic assures the best diffusing effect.
  • 2 in 1 functions of CO2 bubble counter and diffuser.
  • Easy for ceramic replacement, cleaning and water filling.
  • Acrylic material provides clear CO2 bubble reading and to be acid and breakage endured.
  • CO2 pipe holder included to prevent CO2 pipe bending.

How to use :

  • Loose the cap, take out the ceramic then fill up the reservoir with clear water then put back the ceramic and fasten the cap firmly.
  • Connect the CO2 pipe to the CO2 inlet.
  • Place the CO2 pipe holder below to the diffuser and secure the CO2 pipe to the CO2 pipe holder.


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