Golden Bristlenose plecos

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Golden Bristlenose plecos are peaceful and unlike other species in this genus are mostly undemanding as long as they have well-oxygenated water and plenty of cover decor. These Plecos get along with most other peaceful community fish. However, it is advisable not to keep them in a tank with fish of similar size and shape as they become territorial, and try to avoid slow-moving high-sided fish as these Plecos may acquire a taste for their slime coats.


The Golden Bristlenose pleco appears to thrive either individually or in a group. When these Plecos are young, you will often see them in the day, although they become more active at night as they mature. These Plecos are also great tank cleaners; they will clean the glass and substrate of your tank daily.


The Golden Bristlenose Plecos overall body colour is gold, and they have a whitish-cream stomach. They also have broader heads and red eyes. These Plecos are much shorter, fatter and flatter than the common Pleco. They also have a pair of abdominal and pectoral fins as well as a round mouth with elongated lips which make them excellent suckerfish.


There is also a long-finned version of this species in the aquarium hobby, usually sold as a butterfly or veiltail catfish.



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