Fauna Marin Aquahometest NO2+NO3 refill set


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Fauna Marin refill set for nitrite and nitrate. Also suitable for the Mastertronic

Fauna Marin Aquahometest NO2 + NO3 refill set also suitable for the Mastertronic

New reagent liquids for the Fauna Marin high resolution nitrite / nitrate test, the nitrite concentration can be determined with particularly high accuracy in the low concentration range between 0 and 1 mg / l and a nitrate concentration between 0 and 20 mg / l.

The details:

Measuring range: NO2 0 – 1.0 mg / l
Measuring range: NO3 0 – 20 mg / l
Resolution (accuracy): NO2 0.002 mg / l
Resolution (accuracy): NO3 0.05 mg / l
with comparator for optimum color comparison incl. Standard
for checking the function and durability test to determine the nitrite / nitrate concentration in the aquarium
sufficient for around 50 applications

Batch => 20601


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