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Easy-Life EasyCarbo promotes faster growth and natural strength of aquarium plants while acting efficiently against algae.

  • EasyCarbo is a powerful and efficient carbon fertilizer for all kinds of aquarium plants.
  • Promotes the growth of the plants with organic and not with mineral substances.
  • Can be applied in aquariums with or without additional CO2 fertilizer.
  • Increases the plant’s resistability against algae and therefore contributes to the general reduction of all kinds of algae.
  • Very soon a strong growth spurt of the aquarium plants is noticeable.
  • Easy-Life EasyCarbo has even greater effect when used in combination with Easy-Life ProFito Plant Fertilizer
  • Economical in use: daily only 1ml per 50l water, max. 2ml per 50l water, recommended for highly planted aquariums

An overdose can be dangerous!


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