BLAU Aquaventilador 4 Aquarium Fan



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Summer is here. A great horror for many aquariums. Unfortunately, due to these warm temperatures, especially in small aquariums, temperature problems can often occur and the water temperature quickly rises to 30 °C and more. It is important to have a control mechanism to keep this parameter as constant as possible. High temperatures include a decrease in dissolved oxygen water, causing irreparable damage to the fauna and the animals in the aquarium. Air cooling is the easiest way to reduce water temperature in aquariums by 2 to 4 °C. The blue aquaristic aquaventilador is equipped with four 12 V fans, which rotate at 2800 revolutions per minute and produce less than 40 dB noise. A 12 V power supply ensures safety, so there is no danger for you or your aquarium inhabitants. The aquarium cooler is simply attached to the edge of the pool or placed over the opening in the aquarium cover. Thanks to the swivel joint, the airflow can be directed directly to the water surface to create a maximum cooling effect. – The blue aquarsitic brand established by aqua-tropica in Germany since 2006, stands for a high-quality technique in seawater and innovative products in both sweet and nano-aquaristics made in Europe.

All fans incorporate a 5-speed controller

Modifying the speed of the fans can be adjusted to the size of the aquarium or reduce the sound of the fans

Blau Aquaventilador Fan
Blau Aquaventilador Fan
Fix it on the aquarium glass

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Set Contains:

Blue Aquaristic Aqua Fan 4-Way Aquarium Fan

Aquaventilador 4

Ref. 7776204
Measures: 29 x3,5×11 cm
Power: 4 w
Fans: 4
Sound: 40dB
Up to 160 liters Aquarium
5 fan speeds


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