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AZOO PHOSPHATE REMOVER is used for safe and quick removal of phosphates. As is well known, phosphates can be an excellent medium for all algae in a freshwater aquarium, while in a marine aquarium they block the growth of corals, so their level should be as low as possible. The presence of phosphate in the aquarium and in tap water can be easily and quickly measured with the AZOO PO4 TEST.


AZOO PHOSPHATE REMOVER can be used without any problems as often as necessary. The most common application is:

In overgrown aquariums, where excess food causes the formation of phosphate.
When fighting algae to remove phosphates that feed them.
When changing the water, if there are phosphates in the tap water or deep water.
After cleaning the aquarium of algae and after cleaning the bottom of the aquarium, where phosphate may be in the form of sediment.


Removes phosphate (PO4) from aquarium water and tap water.
It prevents the growth of adherent algae and phytoplankton.
It does not impair filtration, it does not harm beneficial bacteria.
Harmless to fish, plants and crustaceans.
For freshwater, plant, marine and reef aquariums.
Available packages: 120ml, 250ml, 500ml.


Before application, we recommend changing the water in the aquarium.
Add 20ml per 100l of water. This dose will remove 0.5 mg / l (ppm) of phosphate from the water.
As a precaution, add 10ml per 100l once a week.
Use AZOO PO4 TEST for phosphate after 24 hours. If necessary, repeat the application.
Shake well before use and add at the filter inlet.
Screw in tightly after use and keep away from sunlight.
The cap serves as a convenient measure for measuring the preparation. 1 full cap = 20ml, small cup inside the cap = 5ml.


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