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AZOO AFRICAN CICHLIDS MINERAL SALT is designed along the lines of lakes Victoria, Malawi and Tanganyika with high alkalinity and hard water. For fish from these biotopes to live in the aquarium, it is important to create conditions similar to these lakes. In addition to trace elements in the aquarium, it is very important to provide the right amount of calcium and potassium ions, which are not present in most salts. AZOO AFRICAN CICHLIDS MINERAL SALT is essential for the care of African cichlids. AZOO salt is a high-quality product with a unique composition at a very favorable price.

By using AZOO AFRICAN CICHLIDS MINERAL SALT regularly, you will notice that your fish will want to live again! They will start looking for a spawning site, they will be more active and lively, they will start to come out of hiding, and in many cases you will notice an improvement in the quality of coloration and a better appetite. Water parameters will be improved similar to those that fish have stored in their genes, appropriate levels of salt will make the fish begin to show behaviors that have not been shown so far.

The composition of AZOO AFRICAN CICHLIDS MINERAL SALT is unique and different from the popular salts, which usually contain simple hardness-increasing salts, mainly Epsom salt (hydrated magnesium sulphate) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which does not reflect the mineral composition of water in African lakes (mainly missing all calcium and potassium). Azoo salt additionally contains the right amount of calcium and potassium ions, a set of trace elements, minerals and vitamins, which are missing in tap and osmotic water, and which fish take through the gills and with food, which at which time results in a completely different, new behavior and well-being fish.

PROPERTIES (manufacturer)
It helps to maintain ideal water conditions, pH in the range of 7.5-8.4, hardness in the range of 7-15 dGH. It improves coloration and reproductive capacity.
It stabilizes the pH and hardness, and provides magnesium and potassium ions.
It stabilizes the osmotic pressure and increases the fish resistance to disease.
Supports fish health and coloration.
Thanks to the additional formula of vitamins, it visibly improves the metabolism of fish, their resistance and the ability to adapt to new conditions.

Na + Mg2 + K + Ca2 + Sr2 + Cl- SO42- Br- B F- HCO3- Al I Fe Cu Zn, trace elements, minerals, vitamin complex.

Salt should be used only when setting up an aquarium and when changing the water (adjust the amount of the product to the volume of added water).
Do not pour into the water intended for filling up losses resulting from evaporation.
Before adding to the tank, dissolve a portion of the salt in purified water, mix the dissolved solution with water for preparation.
Do not put undissolved salt into the tank.
For the first use, add 20g of salt for every 50l of water.
After changing the water, add 20g of salt for every 50l of changed water.
For hard water, the dose is 25 g for every 100 liters.
The salt dose can be slightly changed depending on the hardness of the water and the biotope.
Each package contains 600g and is enough to prepare 1500l of RO water or 2400l of tap water.
5g teaspoon is included in the package.
One full teaspoon = 5 grams.

Experience in breeding, reproducing and caring for fish since 1977 supported by research in the field of biotechnology allows the AZOO brand to create unique aquarium products.

AZOO BRAND – quality and trust
The AZOO brand is the leader of the aquarium market in Taiwan. It was created in 1996. by the biotechnology corporation Taikong Corporation existing since 1977. The Azoo brand has been creating the highest quality, unique aquarium products from the very beginning, which has guaranteed its ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 quality certificates. The brand’s domain is the development of biotechnology, manufactories, 9in1 food and water conditioners. Intensive research allowed the creation of a transgenic fluorescent fish species in 2001 and since then the Azoo brand has received the highest, numerous awards and distinctions for innovative products and newly introduced species such as Albino Zebra Fish TK-3. The brand has many unique products that cannot be mentioned here, such as NANO-TECH ALGAE CONTROL TABLET, an innovative preparation for algae in the form of three-dimensional metal particles in the shape of a quadruped, which injures unicellular algae membranes by destroying them, while not threatening bacterial colonies . As the name implies, AZOO stands for “A” quality for aquarium products (A grade).


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