AquaRio – Neo Essence 300ML



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Contains special amino acids
Prevents fertiliser compounds
Supports nutrient uptake

The water conditioner AQUARIO Neo Essence contains a high concentration of natural amino acids derived from plants. The presence of these can promote the uptake of fertilisers by the aquatic plants. This can favour the photosynthesis performance and promote the growth and colour development of the aquatic plants.

The natural chelate components additionally contained in AQUARIO Neo Essence Water Conditioner prevents individual components of several different fertilisers from binding to each other. Such fertiliser compounds can only be poorly absorbed by the plants and may lead to slower growth. Already existing fertiliser compounds can be made available again by AQUARIO Neo Essence. The fertiliser components, which are again present in their original form, can again be absorbed by the aquatic plants. This contributes to a splendid and colour-intensive growth of the aquarium plants.

Fast and healthy growing aquatic plants are one of the most effective means against too many algae.

Shake well before using!
The manufacturer recommends dosing 5 ml of AQUARIO Neo Essence water conditioner per 60 litres of aquarium water.


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