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Neo Booster Tropical Water Conditioner
Accelerated run in phase
Nutrients for helping bacteria
Shortens completion of filtration cycle

The AQUARIO Neo Booster Tropical Water Conditioner naturally and quickly eliminates high concentrations of problematic ammonia and excess nitrate. By supporting the nitrifying bacteria with optimal nutrients and trace elements, their reproduction is promoted.
If there are only a few or small plants in the aquarium at the beginning, they cannot consume nitrate to the desired extent Without a healthy bacterial fauna, there is a possibility that nitrite and ammonia levels in the aquarium will rise and after a certain time reach toxic concentrations for the fish. By using Water Conditioners such as AQUARIO Neo Booster Tropical, this effect can be reduced


If sufficient organic carbon and an appropriate amount of trace elements are present, the beneficial helper bacteria will consume the nitrate, ammonia and ammonium that are released into the water through the excretions of the fish.

The start-up phase of an aquarium can be shortened with AQUARIO Neo Booster Tropical Water Conditioner; the danger to fish from toxic ammonia and nitrite can be reduced.

Effective backup for the helping bacteria
Fastens the detoxification of the aquarium
Counteracts nutrient imbalance
All natural ingredients
Non toxic for fish or shrimps

Shake well before using!

It is strongly recommended by the manufacturer to use an additional aeration by means of an air pump during the use of the preparation.
If fish are sick, the use of the preparation is not recommended.


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