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AQUARIO Neo Black Water Conditioner contains humic substances, fulvic acids and trace elements that can improve the water quality and slightly reduce the pH-value of the aquarium water.

Humic substances and fulvic acids are a group of organic acids that are formed during the decomposition of plant material. These substances are present in almost every natural river or stream. The influence of this natural process is simulated by AQUARIO Neo Black Water Conditioner.
Humic substances in aquarium water have indirect and also direct effects on the inhabitants of the aquarium. The improved, natural water quality reduces stress, which stimulates fish and shrimps to spawn, the antibacterial and fungicidal effect improves healing processes, the immune system of the animals can be strengthened and digestion is promoted.

Application example for AQUARIO Neo Black

As the dissolved substances are acids, the pH-value of the aquarium water is lowered slightly by using AQUARIO Neo Black. A slightly acidic environment can be optimal for South American fish species.

Optimal water for blackwater fish

The additional trace elements contained in the AQUARIO Neo Black Water Conditioner can be optimally absorbed by aquatic plants, which can also benefit from them.


  • Contains humic substances, fulciv acids and trace elements
  • Enhances the water quality
  • Creates a natural environment
  • Slightly reduces the pH-value
  • Optimises the water for South American fish species
  • Plants benefit from the trace elements they contain
  • Available in unit sizes 300 ml as well as 1.000 ml


Shake well before using!

The water colour of the aquarium changes slightly to brownish when the preparation is used. This natural effect weakens over time:

It is recommended to control the pH value of the water while using the preparation.

The manufacturer recommends dosing 5 ml of AQUARIO Neo Black Water Conditioner per 40 litres of aquarium water.
The cap sizes of the two available container sizes are different.
1 cap AQUARIO Neo Black Water Conditioner 300 ml = 5 ml
1 cap AQUARIO Neo Black Water Conditioner 1.000 ml = 10 ml


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