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Crystal clear, free from impurities, water is one of the key elements deciding on your tank’s look. Not only biological but also mechanical filtration takes great part in the fight for pure water.
AF Filter Floss effectively removes visible water contamination. Dense and compact non-woven fabric easily catches all impurities such as detritus, uneaten food residues or feces. All mentioned may result in the  difficult to remove dust in the water depth. AF Filter Floss is a perfect remedy to solve these issues.  Visible water pollution affects not only the aesthetics of the tank, but also its general health. Too much debris builds up levels of compounds such as nitrate, ammonia, and phosphate. The use of AF Filter Floss will allow greater control over these parameters.
AF Filter Floss is efficient and easy to use. You can easily place it to any type of sump. The package includes a non-woven fabric with dimensions of 20 x 100 cm, which can be cut in any way to fit your filtration system. In order to maintain the highest efficiency of mechanical filtration, it is recommended to regularly replace the element as soon as you notice dirt and the resulting change in the color of the fabric. AF Filter Floss is made of materials safe for fish and corals. It doesn’t contain chemicals and doesn’t affect the water parameters.


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