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Anyone who has a private aquarium at home full of spectacular and active fish is aware of how difficult it is to maintain the appropriate level of cleanliness in the water tank. Regardless of the size of your aquarium, you have probably noticed scale accumulating on the glass and algae that are difficult to remove. This is a completely normal process – every water reservoir has an ideal environment for the growth of algae and bacteria, so it should be properly cleaned. A perfect way to remove scale and clean algae from the glass are magnetic aquarium cleaners, which you can find in the wide range of our online Aquael store.

Magnetic cleaners are products consisting of two separate parts connected by strong magnets. Thanks to this, the entire cleaning process is quick and efficient, and you do not have to soak your hands or hands in water. Are you wondering what the manual cleaning system looks like? Nothing easier! Just place one part of the cleaner inside the aquarium and the other on its outer wall. By moving the ergonomic, external element, you simultaneously control the internal part of the cleaner. Both elements are strongly connected to each other by the influence of a magnetic field. This is a very simple and practical way to thoroughly clean the glass of algae, without the need to invest in complicated aquarium equipment.

In every aquarium, regardless of its capacity, bacteria accumulate and algae develop, which grow to huge sizes very quickly. Therefore, it is worth taking care to maintain the optimal level of cleanliness in your home aquarium. In our online aquarium store you will find practical and very easy to use magnetic aquarium cleaners, composed of two separate parts, closely interacting with each other using a strong magnet. So you can quickly and thoroughly remove algae from the walls of a water tank without immersing your hands in water. This is an extremely simple and uncomplicated process that will take only a few short moments, after which you will be able to enjoy a clean and perfectly cared for water reservoir. Aquarium cleaners are a great solution if you want immediate results.

Our offer includes 3 available sizes of magnetic cleaners: S, M and L, which will work on almost any glass thickness, from the thinnest to thick and solid fifteen-millimeter walls. So you can safely choose the size of an aquarium cleaner that will be perfect for cleaning the glass from algae in your home water tank. We invite you to check out our online catalog, where you will find practical and functional magnetic cleaners


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