Aquael Hypermax 4500 External Filter 4500l/H For Aquarium 200-1500L



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Aquael Hypermax 4500 External Filter For Aquarium 200-1500l 4500l/h


Filtration and reliability

Hypermax is a modern canister filter that will ensure excellent filtration quality even in the largest aquarium tanks. Intuitiveness, electronic operation and safety of use make the filter suitable for both experienced and novice aquarists. High quality, for which Aquael products have been famous for nearly 40 years, guarantees reliability and durability.

There is power…

Hypermax has a huge filter capacity of 15.9 liters. This, together with the most efficient, energy-saving and electronically controlled pump on the market, determines the possibility of servicing aquariums with a large capacity range: from 200 to as much as 1500 liters. A set of 2 inlet hoses and 2 outlet hoses ensures proper water circulation throughout the aquarium, which effectively prevents the formation of dead zones in it.

…and security

Aquael brand products guarantee a high standard of safety. Hypermax is powered by a safe operating voltage of 24 V, which does not pose any threat to human life and health. Secondly, in the event of a locked rotor, the device will automatically turn off, thus preventing the escalation of the consequences of the failure. In addition, an audible signal and flashing of the function diodes will notify us of the event. Hypermax will react the same way in the absence of a rotor in the engine compartment.

For professionals and beginners

You can rest easy with Hypermax handling, even if you are a novice aquarist. Aquael designers took care of the comfort and intuitiveness of its use in every detail: from the easy-to-use control panel to the wheels for convenient movement of the device. Proven and patented functionalities have also been used, previously used in the valued ULTRAMAX filters. We are talking here, among others about the pre-filter and systems: double ball valves and self-priming of the filter. These solutions have enjoyed positive opinions of aquarists for years. We are sure of their reliability.


A capacious 1.5 l pre-filter built into the lid of the device effectively retains large impurities, which significantly reduces the frequency of filter servicing. Cleaning the prefilter is very simple and does not even require removing the device from the cabinet. All you have to do is lift the lid, remove the sponge from the basket and rinse it under running water.

Double ball valve system

Aquarists know that the critical stage of work requiring access to the inside of the filter is usually disconnecting the inlet and outlet hoses from the device. The water remaining in the filter most often spills onto the floor, which is a justified annoyance. To avoid this, Hypermax uses a patented double ball valve system. At the same time, they close the filter inlet and outlet in the cover as well as the opening of the hoses and block the uncontrolled escape of water.

Self-priming of the filter

All you have to do is make 2 to 4 strokes with the piston and it’s ready. The filter will be flooded with water from the aquarium. Easy?

A set of accessories necessary to install and run the filter included

– hoses,

– elbows,

– overflow pipes,

– rain shower,

– cartridges for baskets for filter media:

prefilter sponge STANDARD SPONGE 10 PPI,

+ 2 empty baskets for filter media – to be filled according to the needs of your aquarium.

■ silent engine operation – 24-44 dB
■ automatic system

Convenient to use:
■ thanks to the pre-filter, it does not require frequent servicing
■ disconnect hoses without risk of flooding – patented double ball valves
■ simple filter activation – patented priming system
■ freedom of movement of the device – 4 integrated wheels
■ complete set of accessories

Technical data:

Aquarium capacity: 200-1500l
Power regulation: 18-36W
Max capacity: 4500l/h
capacity max. with media: 2600l/h
max. lift: 200cm
Dimensions: 55.5x36x36 (with valves)
Hose diameter: 19/25
Media basket capacity: 15.9l (14.4l filter + 1.5l pre-filter)
Total capacity of the bucket: 31l
Tank capacity: 3.6L
Number of trays: 4
Hose length: 4×1.5 m
Volume: 22-44 dB
24V power adapter included
Automatic priming system: yes
Designed for fresh and salt water
Mounting accessories included: cables, overflow pipes, elbows, suction cups, suction baskets, control terminals, rain shower head, silicone grease
Integrated wheels: 4 pcs.


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