Aquabotanique SuperCarbo 500ml



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It is a specialized preparation that quickly provides plants with large amounts of easily digestible carbon. Carbon is the basic building block of plant tissue, feeding plants with this important element intensifies their growth, improves their condition and gives them a healthy appearance.

Super Carbo fertilizer can be successfully used in aquariums that do not have a carbon dioxide feeding system, but also in tanks with a working CO2 system. Administration of the preparation improves the living conditions of plants – by improving their condition, it increases the advantage of plants in food competition, contributing to the elimination of algae from the aquarium. Less than a few weeks after starting the application of the preparation, we will notice a clear change in the condition of all plant species and algae regressions.

Fertilizers are sold in aesthetic and comfortable bottles with a precise fertilizer dispenser. This high-class dispenser is leak-proof in any position, no matter if it is closed or open, whether it is vertical or horizontal. These are very efficient fertilizers and such a portion is sufficient for intensive fertilization of the plant-rich and rapidly metabolizing reservoir for many months.

In aquariums with a small number of plants (the bottom surface is planted in an amount less than 50%) we use one actuation of the dispenser for every 50 liters of water in the aquarium daily.
In heavily lit aquariums with more plants (planted over 50% of the bottom surface), we use two presses of the dispenser for every 50 liters of water in the aquarium per day.


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