Aquabotanique – Aqua Liquid Minerals 500ml



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An easy-to-use mineral complex in the form of a liquid suspension, introducing a complex of minerals into the water: calcium, carbonates, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chlorides and sulphates in an appropriately balanced proportion.
Aqua Liquid Minerals is a preparation created for quick preparation of distilled water or water from an RO filter for aquarium purposes.
It introduces a full set of mineral salts into the water, making it safe for fauna and flora.
The preparation can be dosed directly into the aquarium in the amount of 2 ml (two presses of the dispenser) per 10 liters of water.
Before each use, the preparation should be shaken so that all solid ingredients form a uniform suspension and then it can be dosed.
It is best to dose the preparation near the filter entrance due to water circulation; after administration, the water may become slightly cloudy, which disappears after the preparation is completely dissolved. Dissolution is faster in acidic and carbon dioxide-rich water.

The best results are obtained when used with other Planta Active products.


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