Aqua Nova NBPF-12000 Pond Pressure Filter With UV-C Lamp 18W Self-Cleaning Up To 12000L


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Aqua Nova Pond Pressure Filter with 18W UV-C lamp

and self-cleaning function

NBPF-12000 for 12000L pond

The pressure filter with UV-C lamp 18W is an excellent filtration set for a garden or pond.
garden or pond.

The filters are additionally equipped with SELF CLEAN technology (self-cleaning), which makes cleaning the filter easier and much quicker.

It is fully equipped with filter cartridges, and the appropriate selection and arrangement of filter materials ensures proper filtration of the pond. The filter uses multi-stage filtration to ensure effective, complete water filtration. In addition, the UV lamp destroys algae in the water, combats bacteria and parasites dangerous to farmed fish and plants, and eliminates the causes of most diseases – giving the effect of crystal clear water in all garden ponds up to 12,000 litres in size.

The pressure filter is equipped with three different filter cartridges to ensure effective, complete water filtration. The filter purifies the water in a biological and mechanical way.

The mechanical cartridges – coarse-grained bio-ball and fine-grained bio-ball – provide excellent and very thorough purification of the water from any mechanical impurities.

Bio-balls are biological cartridges. Biological filtration is the heart of the entire filtration system. The decomposition of all biological contaminants takes place here, e.g. decomposition of food remains, dead plant remains, etc. . Due to their specific shape and high porosity, biological filter media have a very large active (filter) surface area. The bio-sponges and bio-balls are an excellent substrate for beneficial nitrifying bacteria that purify the water of toxic nitrogen compounds (they process toxic NH4 and NO3).

UV-C LAMP 18W – eliminates algae. UV-C lamp 18W integrated in the filter – destroys algae in the water, fights bacteria and parasites dangerous for farmed fish and plants, eliminating the causes of most diseases, gives the effect of crystal-clear water.

UV-C lamp:

sterilises the water – this is the most effective means of eliminating green algal blooms and preventing them from recurring and multiplying again.
In the filter, the water passes through the UV-C device, exposing the cells of algae, bacteria or parasites to ultraviolet light of very high intensity. UV-C radiation kills bacteria and other pathogenic organisms in the water, as well as floating algae that give the water its green colour.
The filament of the UV-C lamp should be replaced before each season.

Features of the pressure filter

a pressure filter can be placed several metres away from the pond,
the water from the pressure filter can flow out (be raised), e.g. onto the cascade
the pressure filter can be buried in the ground and is therefore practically invisible,
the pressure filter has an indicator which shows when the filter needs to be cleaned
has a glass dome above the uv lamp so you can see if the lamp is working.
has an indicator that tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Technical data:

Model: NBPF-12000
Pond size: up to 12000L
self-cleaning system – SELF CLEAN
3-stage filtration system
Built-in UV-C lamp: 18W
Inlet/outlet – 20,25,32,40mm
Dimensions (diameter x height) – 413 x 493mm
Filter media – included
Installation – outside the tank
Power supply – pump (not included)
Colour – dark grey / black

Set composition

AQUA NOVA NBPF-12000 filter with UV-C lamp
UV 18W filament lamp
complete filtration media: sponges of different gradations, bioballs


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