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Aquatest Ca-Mg is used for quick and accurate measurement of calcium, magnesium and general hardness in fresh water.

More information
The method of measurement is based on titration, i.e. adding to the sample of reagent water to be tested drop by drop until the color change is in accordance with the attached color standard. The result of the measurement (concentration of Ca2 + and Mg2 + ions) is obtained in mg / l, the value of general hardness is expressed in German degrees.

The composition of the set:
– reagent bottles (3 pcs)
– powder reagent containers (2 pieces)
– syringe
– test tube
– instruction
– picture instruction containing a color pattern

In planted aquariums, in addition to the total concentration of calcium and magnesium (general hardness), the ratio of concentrations of these elements is important. Sometimes there is a shortage of magnesium with normal general hardness. Magnesium is fundamental to the proper growth of plants – it is at the center of the chlorophyll molecule responsible for the photosynthesis process. The correct ratio of magnesium to calcium should be about 1: 5. Aquatestem Ca-Mg is also measured with high accuracy of general hardness in a wide range of values.



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