Zetlight QMAVEN 6400 White - 200W



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Zetlight QMAVEN 6400 is a revolutionary lamp using LED lighting technology. It is an extremely successful example of the use of the latest technical solutions, thanks to which the operation of the QMAVEN 6400 lamp can be adjusted to your own requirements with the help of a remote control. The carefully finished housing is an elegant combination of high-quality aluminum and acrylic.

More information
Zetlight QMAVEN 6400 is a top shelf product that meets the expectations of even the most demanding aquarists. The use of LEDs allowed to create a lamp emitting light with the color and intensity corresponding to aquatic plants – 8000k.

Thanks to the QMAVEN 6400 processor control processor, it is possible to program the five individual lighting modes: dawn, sunrise, zenith, sunset and dusk. They reflect the intensity and color of the time of day in the best possible way. In addition, the lamp has a storm mode, during which the lamp effectively imitates the sky and lightning.

In addition to the standard white LEDs, spot red, green and blue LEDs were also used. They are designed to give maximum realism to each of the lighting modes, as well as the most effective coloration of fish and plant colors.

The whole was placed in a tasteful housing made of aluminum and acrylic. The manufacturer has placed great emphasis on the quality of workmanship so that QMAVEN 6400 adds prestige and attractiveness to each tank. The lamp has a cooling system based on efficient and quiet fans that work only when needed. Most importantly, we managed to keep the weight of the device low and its record low height – only 4cm.

The QMAVEN 6400 lamp can be mounted on the included adjustable supports on the edge of the tank or suspended on ropes. It is also possible to cooperate with two lamps or four QMAVEN 6400 using the Zetlight ZN1001 and ZN1004 controllers.

Technical data:
Power consumption: 200 W
Lighting power: 9000 lm
Dimensions: 69x26x4cm

LEDs used:
White – 24pcs (8000k)
Multi Chip – 2 groups (410-630nm)

Aquarium sizes:
Minimal: 80x30x30cm
Maximum: 120x70x100cm
Optimal: 100x50x50cm

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