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The construction of the pump has been designed with noise reduction and economical operation in mind. Thanks to the materials used, the modern impeller design and the active noise reduction system, we have managed to reduce power consumption by up to 65% and get the quietest pump available on the market today.

The pump flow can be fully and infinitely adjusted using a smartphone or tablet after downloading the aqua horizon application. You can easily and quickly reduce the water flow during feeding, feeding supplements or care works, in addition, the HORIZON application gives you the ability to set day / night modes and has a waving function with a wave reduction from 99% to 0%. Similarly, with a constant pump capacity, which can be infinitely programmed from 0 to 100%.

Technical data:
– axle: ceramic
– maximum flow: 7000l / h
– maximum water lifting pole: 3.2m
– power consumption: 72W
– dimensions: 14 x 10.1 x 12 cm
– inlet: 32mm
– outlet: 20 / 25mm

The HORIZON system is a modern look at controlling devices that support a marine aquarium. This control usually took place using controllers in various forms, remote controls, control panels, etc. Most of these control devices are troublesome to use, additionally they generate higher purchase costs, and even often cause equipment failure or prevent proper calibration of the work efficiency of individual elements . All these troubles were solved with one HORIZON application.

HORIZON is a sensational platform that supports the system of aquarium devices wirelessly. The platform is compatible with Android and iOS and allows you to control all devices used in marine aquarium, among others: LED lamps, circulation pumps, circulation pumps, protein skimmers and algae lamps from the Horizon series. All devices can now be controlled “from the couch” enjoying the beauty of the tank.
The Horizon application, in addition to the possibility of precise control of individual devices, has programmed setting options for various biotypes, e.g. the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Coral Sea etc. and even the Baltic Sea.

Horizon provides the ability to control the following devices in individual modes:
– LED lamp: programming brightness, operating time, weather mode, moon phase, acclimatization, sleep mode, demonstration mode.
– Inverter: five operating modes: FLOW, WAVE, STROM, CUSTOM, SMART in various capacities. It allows interaction with the inverter, group mode, synchronization or asynchronization (in asynchronization mode, the order of operation of different groups of inverters can be set the other way around).
– Skimmer: capacity control
– Circulation pump: Flow control, wave function, day and night options
– LED algae lamp: dimming, time setting, light color control according to the needs of cultured algae.
– Calculator: tank calculator, sump calculator and glass thickness calculator work together to help create the best aquarium environment.
– Encyclopedia: A database of information about nature and methods of caring for sea creatures such as sea fish, corals and seaweeds. Huge information helps you to have more knowledge about your aquarium.
– A set of settings from specific marine biotypes transferred to the settings of individual devices in the form of settings, e.g. Coral, Red Sea, etc.

Examples of using the advantages of the Horizon system:
– control from the “couch” or completely wireless (WiFi) operation.
– easy and fast feeding of fish and corals – you will quickly turn off the skimmer, circulation pump and circulators while feeding. One after the other, you can switch on individual devices in the following order: circulator, circulation pump, skimmer to maximize the use of food without exposing the decay of overdue contaminants.
– efficient administration of supplements – you quickly turn off the skimmer for the time of supplementation to reduce loss of supplements.
– you will quickly introduce environmental changes – circulators have unlimited possibilities and in addition you can combine their work with LED lamps.
– set your biotype – the application will program the performance of devices to reflect the marine biotype of your choice. e.g. Coral Sea.



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