YOKUCHI GEN NANO FE IRON – liquid iron fertilizer 30ml



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Liquid iron fertilizer for the aquarium. Iron is one of the trace elements and is taken up by plants as the Fe2 + ion.

Gen Fe iron liquid fertilizer
Iron is one of the trace elements and is taken up by plants as the Fe2 + ion. Iron is essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll, is part of some proteins and is also involved in cellular respiration. In terms of mobility, iron is classified as an intermediate element. Symptoms of its deficiency appear first on young leaves, and over time, however, may also affect older leaves.

The Fe gene is a preparation based on organic compounds of valuable iron with excellent stability and very high digestibility. The Fe gene significantly enhances the red and orange color by supporting the synthesis of anthocyanins and carotenoids. The modern formula of the preparation allows for its dosing while the lighting is on, but the use of the preparation with the lighting off gives the best results.

1 drop / 5 liters of water daily. Best to dose near the water outlet of the filter. In the case of a large number of plants, the dose of fertilizer should be increased accordingly.


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