YOKUCHI GANBAN POWER BASE - substrate for the aquarium 6L



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Ganban power base is a carefully selected blend of natural materials of volcanic and organic origin. The structure of Ganban power base is characterized by high saturation of pores, supporting the multiplication of microorganisms responsible for cleansing the water environment from metabolic products. Ganban power base facilitates start and stabilization by absorbing harmful substances in the initial stage of tank operation.

Ganban power base significantly improves the transport of nutrients in the deeper layers of the substrate. Organic substances contained in Ganban undergo the processes of mineralization and humification, ensuring the roots constant access to nutrients.

Application instructions:
The medium is ready to use, it must not be rinsed. It should not be mixed with substrates or primers from other manufacturers. Pour the contents of the bag directly onto the bottom of the aquarium. Then, separate it to a distance of 2-3 cm, the substrate from the front glass and side windows (the treatment aims to maintain the aesthetic value of the tank). Cover the prepared substrate with a layer of Jiban soil.


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