VIMI Solo P 50ml



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Vimi Solo P


Vimi Solo P is a concentrated, liquid phosphorus fertilizer for freshwater aquarium plants. Vimi Solo P can easily be absorbed by aquarium plants. Vimi Solo P can also be used to reduce the shortage of phosphorus which is quickly used by fast growing plants.


1 drop per 20L of aquarium water 2 or more times per week. 1 drop per 20L adds 0,1 ppm of PO4. Maintain PO4 concentration at 0,1 – 0,2 ppm for the best plant results.

Composition (PPM)

PO4 – 48.000, K – 19.350.

Note: Do not overdose! For use in aquariums only! Keep out of reach for children and pets!

Content: 50 milliliters.


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