VIMI Solo N 50ml



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Vimi Solo N


Vimi Solo N is a concentrated, liquid nitrogen fertilizer for freshwater aquarium plants. The Nitrogen in Solo N is in the forms of amides, nitrates and ammonium which are easily absorbed by plants and bacteria.


1 drop per 20 L of aquarium water, 2 or more times per week. 1 drop per 20 L adds to 0,226 ppm of N (equal to 1 ppm NO3). Maintain NO3concentration at 1 – 8 ppm for the best plant results.

Composition (PPM)

N – 108.430 (CH4N2O-N – 54.215, NO3-N – 27.106, NH4-N 27.106)

Note: Use only in aquariums with sufficient biological filtering! Do not use in aquariums if pH of water is higher than 7.5. Do not overdose! For use in aquariums only! Keep out of reach for children and pets!

Content: 50 milliliters.


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