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Vimi Micro


Vimi Micro is a liquid fertilizer which has a balanced composition, is effective, is an easily absorbed complex fertilizer meant to nourish plants in aquariums without additional CO2 supply. The fertilizer stimulates plants growth, helps to maintain bright colors and increases resistance to stress.

  • First aid against chlorosis!
  • Does not contain nitrogen and phosphorus compounds.
  • Contains K, Fe, Mg, Mn, B, Zn, Cu, Mo, Co, Ni and other elements necessary for healthy growth of the aquarium plants.


Vimi Micro advantages

  • Easy and fast dosage. All the substances necessary for plants are in one product.
  • Composition involves substances which increase plants resistance to stress when the conditions in aquarium change quickly, stimulates faster recovery after transplantation and cutting.
  • Some part of iron in VIMI MICRO fertilizer is in iron gluconate compound. Iron is bivalent in iron gluconate and it makes this iron compound easily absorbed by plants (iron gluconate quickly degrades in aquarium water and forms precipitates). Iron gluconate doesn’t accumulate in aquarium water, quickly biodegrade).
  • It is necessary to add other iron compounds (Fe DTPA, Fe EDTA) because they are accessible in aquarium water noticeably longer to provide accessibility of iron for plants for a longer time.
  • Some of the microelements are chelated with EDTA, and some part of iron is chelated with DTPA and EDTA. This allows keeping them in water without sedimentation and provides accessibility for plants for a long time in a wide pH scale. As additional supplement DTPA chelator assures iron accessibility for plants event in hard water.
  • Composition involves a lot of potassium so there is no need of additional supplement of this element.


Composition (ppm)

K – 23.000, Fe (DTPA, EDTA, gluconate) – 1.500, Mg – 1.250, Mn (EDTA) – 375, B – 175, Zn (EDTA) – 37,5, Cu (EDTA) – 37,5, Mo – 12,5, Co – 3,75, Ni – 1,25, citric acid, vitamin C, succinic acid, preservatives, etc.



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