Twinstar Light B-Series 30 - LED lamp 25cm - 40cm



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The new series of TWINSTAR lamps for demanding users. A full RGB color palette, high power and luminous flux, warm white LEDs and properly balanced colors – these features are sought by experienced plant aquarists, aquascapers and lovers of paludaria. Perfect light for plants is wrapped in a neat housing.

Plant Light:
The effects are amazing! The B series lamp is equipped with colored RGB and White LEDs, maintaining the appropriate balance for the best effects. The emitted light is not only pleasing to the human eye, it not only adds color to all green and red plants, but above all provides a full range of colors for better plant growth. A wide range of colors has a highly fruitful effect on plants, and these give back a strong, stocky and rich structure.

LED technology:
The latest technologies and achievements in the field of LED light have been used to design professional lighting. The light sources have the highest CRI 100, which fully reflects the natural colors, and additional RGB LEDs enhance the coloration of plants and fish at the same time affecting the excellent transparency of the water. The 400nm – 700nm light range offered by the lamp is the full scale of visible light colors and is the best rich light for plant photosynthesis.

Elegant housing:
In a nutshell: not big, not imposing, simple and elegant. What can I say, the lamp is pretty. However, its simple design means that it is not her, but your beautiful aquarium, which is eye-catching. This is what we expect from the housing.

Extendable legs:
We put the lamp on the edges of the aquarium. Extendable legs allow you to install the lamp on the aquarium from 115 to 125 cm wide. Glass holders are also universal and fit glass thicknesses from 4mm to 10mm.



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